HandBags That usefull From Fall to Winter

in this blog you will know all about hand bag.  my favorite things about living on the East Coast is getting to experience all four seasons in their entirety. While I love certain aspects of every season, fall has always been my favorite by a long shot. Breaking out my scarves, jackets, and boots is something I always welcome with arms wide open at the end of a hot and humid summer. I live in Washington DC, where each season has a very distinct feel to it, and I’ve been feeling the familiar winter chill creep in slowly over the last few weeks.  With fall being my favorite time of year, I can’t help but feel a little sad now that the last of the leaves have fallen and the temperatures have begun to dip below freezing. With the first snow in our area already behind us, winter is here and I can’t deny it any longer.

Fall is great for me because I love to layer, and typically a light jacket and a cozy scarf will do the trick. Winter is another story, and I find myself packing on thick layers every day, which I don’t enjoy quite as much when it’s out of necessity rather than a fashion statement. Wearing thicker layers effects the functionality of my bags, and a handbag that once fit perfectly on my shoulder can feel tight and constricting when worn over a thick winter coat and a sweater or two. It’s not just shoulder bags that this effects, I’ve noticed even my handheld bags can be uncomfortable in the winter. I carried my mom a lot this fall and it fit in the crook in my arm just fine, but earlier this week the handle felt tight on my arm over two layers of thick wool.  I justify purchasing bags by telling myself they will always fit (is that just me?), so when a bag feels tight it is downright annoying. Since I know I am going to be bundled up for the foreseeable future, I have been opting for bags in my closet that have a longer strap or at least a detachable cross body strap so I can wear it comfortably over my winter coat with room to spare.

Functionality is obviously super important in a bag, and naturally that often ties in with design, but the biggest consideration for me when purse shopping is color. If I love the style of a bag but don’t find a color I like, I skip it.  I usually gravitate towards darker hues when fall arrives, but this year I passed over my brown and black bags in favor of jewel toned bags. I’m gravitating towards any color that looks like a gem that belongs with the crown jewels (Meghan Markle Effect?), and I’m excited to continue using them well into winter. but unfortunately it isn’t practical for every single day (although I wish it were because I love the look so much!). But, if I am wearing dark denim and am fearful of the dreaded denim transfer, I forgo my white bags and will opt for one of these lovely, rich jewel toned bags.

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